• Before I joined GOODNEWS Learning, I was scoring fairly average marks. After I joined about 10 weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised when I achieved an A1 with a score of 95% for my mid-year exam. Mr. Stephen Lims approach to teaching Physics taught me to think and learn from first principles as I had to derive Laws and formula on my own and practise many challenging questions. Thank you Mr. Lim!

  • Before I joined GOODNEWS Learning, I was failing in my Physics, scoring an average of D7 to C6 for CA1 and SA1. After I joined GOODNEWS in mid 2011 my results improved by leaps and bounds to an A1, within 4 months! Thanks to my tutor Mr.Stephen Lim, Physics to me is now fun and enjoyable. His teaching methods are very effective and have spurred me to greater heights. Thank you, Mr. Lim for your encouragement and support.

  • From the start of Secondary 3, I have never performed well in Physics as I used to score grades C5 and C6. However, after joining Mr. Stephen Lims class this year in Secondary 4, I improved in a short time and managed to score an A2 grade for my Mid-Year examination. Mr. Lim has been very effective in teaching me to process data and explain concepts clearly. He also taught me various exam techniques like drawing diagrams, using our hands to remember and recall concepts, formula for short-cuts and brain-based learning. Thank you GOODNEWS Learning!

  • Thank you, Mr Lim for improving my Chemistry from a C6 to an A1 in two terms. Mr Lim showed us videos and was very clear in his explanations.

  • Im so happy that I did well for science. A lot of practice, clear explanations, challenging questions and the fun experiments helped me to improve my grade from a C6 to an A2 for science in 4 weeks. Thank you Mr Lim.